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VOICES: $15 per hour minimum wages is what we need

Not again! No $15.00/hr. minimum wage? This is wrong! This is shameful! This is harmful, bad, and uncalled for!!! What a boo boo. Like Daffy Duck would say, “This is Despicable!” And why wouldn’t they want to pass this bill? Just why? The $15.00 min. wage is needed, it’s important, and it’s something that would help us get back on our feet, and really get the economy back.

I am glad that I have a friend, Rick Ellis, a person with status, who supports me most of the times, who I confide with, but who also disagrees with me some other times, feels that I am right to say something about this $15.00 minimum wage increase. Thanks, buddy.

Our civil workers, be they in the County, the State, but more so, in the Congressional levels, are paid very well. They have the best health care coverages, the best vacations and sick leaves, the best days off, and the very best jobs ever. They hardly do anything for the people, and if they do, those times are minimal

Have they already forgotten why they were elected and why they were all there in the first place? Have they also forgotten that they are supposedly be our voices and our representatives to help us get what we really and truly need, which would and could make our lives better and easier? Have they also forgotten that they work for us, and not us, working for them? What kinds of people are we sending to Washington to help us? If that’s what they are supposed to do. Do they truthfully believe that we can survive with $7.25/hr. Wages? They, of course, have no worries, because they are not in that category of being in the so -called substandard, mediocre, low class, middle class bracket. Phooey to them, and boo-hoo to us. They need to get off their stupid, aah, butts, and start working for us. Pass that $15.00 minimum wage, and stop thinking what you’ll get out of it. You are all a bunch of hypocrites.

And the thing that really gets me is the fact that we sit around grumbling what our congressional delegates do, what they have done, or what they should be doing, but instead, rather than to kick them out and look, choose and vote for other people who would probably and hopefully work and do something positive for us, we still elect those unproductive people into office. And honestly speaking, are they really there to help us, or are they there for their own personal gains? Take one guess., two, three, or four. Really, think about it. We’re really the ones to be blame for what they do, and why they do what they do. We reelect them time after time, again and again, and yet, we still grumble about them. How smart are we? Grumble, grumble, grumble, but go ahead, reelect them, anyway.

Have you people gone to the parks and beaches, the see those people there? I know some of them who work,but are living there in those pitiful kinds of ways only because they cannot afford the luxury of paying for rents, for the essentials, electricity, gas, and maybe, hot water to bathe, or even to flush toilets .They making $7.25/hr, or just a bit more, but not the $15.00/hr. Minimum that they should be getting. Those people just could not and would not be able to pay for anything.

Those in Washington are saying that the economy is getting better. Really? Did you listened to the lies Mitch McConnell said? How much more lies can they tell and think they can get away with them.

I’m hurting, and I believe there are a bunch of people who are in the same predicaments as I am. So, you well-to-do Washington people, get off your fricking, aah, what’s the word(?), and get something good for us. We deserve something good. $15 per hour minimum wages is what we need.

Am I right, or wrong?


Ray Domingo is a resident of Lihu‘e.
Source: The Garden Island

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