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VOICES: Ban chlorpyrifos immediately

Kauai’s marine biologist Dr Carl Berg, has published a study in Plos One, 2018, finding much higher levels of Roundup in honey on western Kauai than eastern Kauai. Dr Berg’s study, in Environmental Science, 2021, “Regional and global perspectives of lead in honey as a record of lead in the environment,” found, “metal concentrations in honey from Kaua’i suggest polluting effects of nearby agricultural operations.” Dr. Berg also told me the standing waterways around Waimea contain the pesticide atrazine which doesn’t break down quickly.

We are very concerned especially about the health of kids, birds, monarch butterflies, and Hawaiian green sea turtles from pesticide runoff.

Atrazine is carcinogenic and is slowly seeping deeper towards the horizontal level of 150 feet deep of Kauai’s drinking water wells.

Roundup causes cancer.

Mutations Research / Reviews in Mutation Research, 2019, published a meta-analysis finding Roundup exposure causes a 41% increase in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Approximately 93% of Americans have Roundup in their urine.

The World Health Organization has declared Roundup a probable carcinogen.

What is another Waimea pesticide that destroys health?

I created a research study with the help of Kauai’s neuroscientist Dr Alarik Arenander, which has been submitted to the Journal of Health and Pesticides sponsored by the World Health Organization and by the World Bank. My research documents very dangerous levels of insecticide Chlorpyrifos drift that were in the air at Waimea Canyon Middle School.

If there were any pregnant teens or pregnant teachers breathing that much Chlorpyrifos, it may have created irreversible prenatal brain defects in their babies correlated to 1] an IQ x exposure interaction, and 2] a sex x exposure interaction, “a disruption of normal sexual dimorphisms in brain structures…Early Chlorpyrifos exposure obtunds or reverses normal sex differences, in learning, memory, and emotional behaviors,” in both humans and rats. The research using magnetic resonant imaging to detect such brain irregularities caused by only microscopic amounts of prenatal Chlorpyrifos exposure was done by Dr Virginia Rauh, DcS, of Columbia Medical University and published in PNAS, 2012.

Research proves no level of Chlorpyrifos is safe and Europe has banned it.

We also know Waimea had 10 times the national rate of congenital heart birth defects caused by prenatal exposures to pesticides according to our local Kauai doctors.

Roundup, Chlorpyrifos, snd atrazine exposures also cause epigenetic damage in which damaged DNA with associated health problems is passed onto all future generations.

Pregnant rats exposed to Chlorpyrifos have baby rats with aggressive and ADHD like behavior.

Organophosphate Chlorpyrifos has a similar chemical structure to Hitler’s nerve agents (gasses) like Sarin, developed to quickly kill enemy soldiers by inhalation. So why does the USA use Chlorpyrifos if the wiser and more ethical Europeans have banned it? 2 reasons. Because nothing else kills insects so effectively. And 1 Timothy 6:10 explains “The love of money is the root of all evil.” This is why Chlorpyrifos and Roundup which destroy health are sold: to make billions of corporate dollars.

I went to Dartmouth College. Dr Jim Yong Kim, MD, former President of Dartmouth College and former President of the World Bank is extremely concerned about the prenatal brain damage from Chlorpyrifos. He is also concerned that similar to Chlorpyrifos-virus interactions that are killing off America’s pollinators, the honey bee, there may be a wicked Chlorpyrifos-COVID-19 virus synergism (combination) that makes getting Covid lethal. Otherwise most people can recover from Covid. Especially employees of Corteva and Hartung Brothers may have Chlorpyrifos exposures that could possibly fatally combine with the Covid virus if they contract the Covid virus.

Fortunately our friends Corteva and Hartung Brothers have kindly and ethically moved their agricultural genetic engineering operations way back from Waimea and Kekaha and enclosed spraying of restricted use pesticides inside tents so the citizens of western Kauai will be safe from pesticide drift. There have been many benefits to mankind coming out of such biotech genetic research including the Covid vaccines.

However the employees of these biotech corporations can suffer severe health damage, especially if any pregnant women are spraying Chlorpyrifos inside those tents: their babies may have irreversible brain defects.

I lived in India. 300,000 Indian bt-cotton farmers bankrupted by Monsanto committed suicide, many by drinking Roundup. They were also demoralized because the left over bt-cotton plants fed to their sacred cows were causing health damage to their cows from Roundup residues and by the bt-insecticide. Monsanto refused to renegotiate contracts to prevent further bankruptcies as they witnessed suicides escalating. Environmental Sciences Europe published, 2014, that female rats eating Roundup developed tumors and rats eating the bt-insecticide in bt-corn developed serious health problems.

Hawaii needs to ban Chlorpyrifos immediately like Europe and California and create 1/4 pesticide buffers around all schools (and communities) like California and like Corteva and Hartung Brothers have ethically created. Even if Chlorpyrifos is banned other organophosphate insecticides like malathion, which is also related to Hitler’s nerve gasses, will be sprayed. So Hawaii’s 300 foot buffers are not at all safe.

Mexico is banning Roundup and Monsanto’s toxic bt-corn.

The French government is paying French farmers not to use Roundup. The study showing Roundup causes female rats especially to grow tumors was published by Dr Gilles-Eric Seralini of Caen University, where I was a student.

Why not serve healthy organic and non-GMO food in Hawaii school cafeterias like our friends the biotech corporations serve in their cafeterias?


Will Davis is a resident of Lihu‘e.
Source: The Garden Island

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