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VOICES: Couple facing eviction would help homeless again

Waimea family given 45-day eviction notice after helping homeless from Salt Pond.

We would do it all over again!

I am sure the people of Kaua‘i would not approve leaving a seven-month pregnant woman with children and kupuna on the side of the road with nowhere to go.

We can do better than this, Kaua‘i!

The families had been evicted from the park and were just outside of the park to avoid being arrested. I personally went down there with bottled water and banana bread. I found a seven-months-pregnant woman with her two young children, another young family with a father who had health problems, and the rest were elderly over 50 years old, all with nowhere to go. These aren’t transients from the mainland. These are ALL Hawaiians who were born and raised here on the Westside of Kaua‘i.

They have fallen through the cracks.

Both my husband and I agreed that at least for the evening they could stay at our home.

The first night we probably had at least 20 people camping. The next morning, we called our landlord and told her what happened. I believe she may have been in shock. She told us to hang on and wait to hear back from her.

The numbers here have dropped significantly, as we had to ask some people to leave because of drugs and anger issues.

At this moment we have seven adults (which includes the pregnant mom). One of these adults is currently at the Waimea hospital because of a blood infection in his legs. Upon release, this Kaua‘i man has nowhere to go. According to his nurse, his blood pressure has stabilized and he’s in much better condition. A large part of his recovery is thinking that he has somewhere to go upon his release.

There are four children under the age of six here on the property as well.

It is my hope that we can come to terms with our landlords that would allow these families to stay here.


David and Marcia
are residents of Waimea.
Source: The Garden Island

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