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VOICES: Group requests public meeting with Kawakami, Berreman

Dear Mayor Kawakami,

It has been 16 months since a state of “emergency” was declared in Hawai‘i, and in all these months we have had ample time to evaluate the situation and figure out how to best move forward without continued infringement upon the people’s rights.

Yet the tyranny continues.

Government buildings remain closed to the public. Your office remains chained up, and not even the county councilmembers are allowed in.

Our position in law and as per all the facts regarding COVID-19 continues to grow stronger as the evidence piles up. Clearly, as we stated last April, we have all been subject to a massive “scamdemic”…not just here in Hawai‘i, but worldwide. There are multiple crimes against humanity being committed for over a year now, along with violations of our God-given unalienable rights because of the emergency orders.

In addition, many people have died unnecessarily due to direct government edicts involving treatment or the lack thereof of COVID and other elements, from willful medical malpractice and malfeasance, and actual banning of effective therapeutic protocols, such as the protocol of hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and zinc.

For those doctors wise, courageous and compassionate enough to use the protocol with their COVID patients, they have had virtually 100% success in treating their patients who exhibited symptoms.

This protocol was made known as early as March of 2020, and we even sent the details of this effective protocol to Dr. Jen Chahanovitch, head of Wilcox Hospital/Kaua‘i Medical Group. She acknowledged receiving our email.

From this one fact alone, it can be concluded that there really is no pandemic, that there never was one in the first place, because there indeed is and continues to be an effective protocol(s) to serve COVID patients (actually, several excellent drug/medicinal protocols emerged over the past year which now includes Ivermectin, also 100% effective against COVID).

These therapeutics are well-documented. Consider it incontrovertible evidence. When you have readily available, safe and effective therapeutic protocols for a disease that is mild to begin with, then there is no danger to the population at large, and there is certainly no need for a rushed vaccine.

Now that the various COVID vaccines have been rolled out, we can see that there is a massive number of vaccine-related deaths and a phenomenal amount of vaccine-adverse events, some of which are very serious and for which they are very difficult to treat.

From the middle of last year we starting warning people of the dangers of the vaccine. The various doctors who first came out with their research have all been proven to be right, and now there are many, many doctors all over the planet who agree. In fact, some believe that all COVID vaccine administrations should be halted now. They are certainly correct simply by reviewing the VAERS data, which current status is reported here:

This data shows at least 6,985 vaccine deaths as of June 25, 2021, and a ton of adverse effects, many of them very serious. These numbers are unacceptable, and all vaccines should be halted immediately!

One could also easily conclude when you look at other statistics, that it’s all about the vaccine companies continuing to make billions of dollars with no responsibility or care for the people of the planet. Remember, these vaccine companies are protected from liability for any and all harm/damage they cause with their vaccines. We the people have very little recourse.

We have had plenty of time to determine that there is no true threat from COVID-19, and while the islands are fully open to tourism, our government remains closed. This is unacceptable! It is time that we have an in-person, serious discussion about the ongoing COVID-19 regulations that are clearly unnecessary and continue to cause more harm than good. It is time that we take a more-focused, localized approach to creating policies for our community that involve allowing the community to have a voice in the matter.

The plans to force our keiki to endure another school year of extended mask-wearing is also unacceptable given the fact that we know that children are not at risk of getting, spreading or dying from COVID-19. Masking healthy children is detrimental to their health and well being, and is leading to an increased risk of diminished brain development, as well as compromised social/behavioral development and language skills. There is sufficient data available that proves universal masking of healthy people does nothing to stop the spread of illness. This insanity must stop. See

We hope that you will address your constituents and agree to allow us to hold a town-hall meeting. It is time to reopen our government offices and face the people. There is a growing number of Kauaians who are very concerned about the proposed ongoing COVID-19-related mandates for an entire new school year and the plan to “encourage vaccination” as part of the reopening plan. It’s time that we talk about these serious issues and have a meaningful dialogue to arrive at real solutions that benefit the people and not BigPharma and Big Government.


Levana Lomma is CEO, and Danny Hashimoto is president, of For Our Rights,
Source: The Garden Island

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