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VOICES: Here we go again with killing cats

Has everyone forgotten what we just went through a few years ago?

I do not understand why the County Council allocated $50,000 to trap and kill cats and let it sneak through when the budget was announced, so no one had a chance to say anything. Then, they give the money to an independent contractor, instead of the Kauai Humane Society, since it is the only animal shelter on-island, where it could help lots of cats and dogs, versus one company.

Whose friend got the contract?

How many “community cats” that are already spayed/neutered and being taken care of are being trapped and killed?

Who would even propose such a horrible idea? Instead of trying to work with KHS? KHS is now associated with the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the national “no-kill” organization, which is quite an honor and achievement. Kudos to KHS! I don’t understand this ideology that the answer is to “trap-and-kill” when TNR (trap/neuter/spay/return) has proven to work better because of the “vacuum effect.” When there is more space, more cats move into that area.

We had staunch supporters the last time for TNR. Everything got quiet and now “they” are starting this up again. These are our taxpayer dollars being used to trap and kill cats. I don’t approve of this. How about any other pet owner?

So, does every cat have a bounty on its head now? Even someone’s indoor cat that accidentally escapes?

BIG QUESTION: Is this even legal in the state of Hawai‘i?

Where do they go to be killed and how are they killed?

What about the feral pigs that destroy our yards/properties? This issue has never been addressed as far as I know, because we don’t see articles in TGI.

In my opinion, the money would have been better used by KHS over an independent contractor. What if you replace the word “cats” with “dogs?” Trap and kill dogs.

Wouldn’t people be up in arms? I think cat people love their cats, even community cats, just as much as dog people love their dogs. I sure hope the mayor and County Council know what they are doing. As the saying goes, “for every action there is an unintended consequence.”


Joyce Ogmundson is a resident of Lihu‘e
Source: The Garden Island

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