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VOICES: I drank the Kool-aide

I drank the Kool-Aid and will continue drinking it. I do not like sweet, sugary drinks. However, if they help the country, I will overlook the bad for the overall good.

This column is not your normal Forum column.

I will not mention how Kamala Harris slept her way to the top.

Nor will I tell you about Hunter Biden’s illegal dealings with Ukraine and China.

I am not going to mention Hillary’s 30,000 emails that disappeared, or Benghazi.

I will tell you:

Everyone wishes their favorite team wins. That’s human nature. How many times has your favorite team lost in the last seconds of a championship game?

My favorite football team, the Buffalo Bills, went to four consecutive Super Bowls in the 1990s and lost. The worst loss was against the NY Giants in the last seconds of the 1991 Super Bowl when the Buffalo Bills field-goal kicker, Scott Norwood, missed a 47-yard field goal with 8 seconds remaining in the game. The ball went wide right and, ever since, the phrase “wide right” has become synonymous with the game itself, and has since been used in other sports.

I believe this last presidential election went ‘wide right’ for President Trump. My guy didn’t make it this time. It’s not so bad when you lose by a landslide, but what really hurts is fraud, fake ballots and dead people voting that can’t be recalled or re-examined on instant replay.

Over the years there have been many bad calls by the refs, pass interferences that should never have been called, roughing the passer that should not have been called, and political elections that should have never been called.

No matter what the outcome of the game, in sports, fans get over it.

Elections are much harder to get over, since they affect our lives, our pocketbooks and our relationships with family and friends.

I am hoping politics is not like sports and somehow President Trump pulls a major chess move such as marshal law as suggested by Gen. Michael Flynn to suspend the Constitution and hold an election re-vote overseen by the military.

Sports enthusiasts eventually survive the loss and look forward to the next game or the next season to do better with new players and draft picks.

Politics is anything but perfect. I am bummed when my politician did not win. However, I am not going to let my life be dictated by this one event. Just as when my favorite football team loses, I get over it. Although I am hoping for that revote, the reality is it most likely won’t happen. Nonetheless, I still don’t believe Biden won the election.

I reflect back on the rallies of Joe Biden with 50 people showing up in contrast to president Trump’s rallies of 20,000 plus. I look at Biden’s Twitter following of nearly 14 million to President Trump’s Twitter following of 88.5 million followers, a difference of 74.5 million. That means President Trump has nearly 75 million more Twitter followers than Joe Biden. Facebook has very similar stats. Joe Biden on Facebook has 18 million to Trump’s 130 million. Mr. Trump has also outpaced Biden on YouTube in the last 30 days, getting 207 million views on his videos to Bidens 29 million.

There’s a joke that holds true, Trump had more people standing in line to use the restrooms at his rallies than Biden had at his rallies. For me and many others, there’s no doubt there was election fraud. Just like in football when the refs are obviously favoring one team over the other.

I am proud of what president Trump did for America and the world.

I hope the Democrats can someday realize all the good Trump did and put aside his cocky bedside manner and look at the end result.

There were many examples of dead people voting by mail, primarily in Biden’s favor. Was this election rigged by the fake news media and dems? That’s what the Trumpsters and far-right are saying. How can someone who stayed in their basement prior to the election, had drive-by rallies with at times fewer than 100 people showing up, and to boot on Thanksgiving gave a speech on YouTube that got less than 1,000 views, be the next president? A candidate who allegedly received 80 million votes would garnish more than 1,000 views. I get more than 1,000 views when I write a decent blog.

I am not a rocket scientist. However, there is no way Joe Biden, a sleeper cell who barely campaigned and barely has a presence on social media, won this past presidential election. There’s no way he received more votes than President Obama did in 2012.

I do not see this unwritten, virtual civil war ending anytime soon. We will continue to be a nation divided.


James “Kimo” Rosen lives in Kapa‘a with his dog, and blogs as a hobby at
Source: The Garden Island

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