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VOICES: Stay home then

Every time I hear people demonstrating, trying to prove a point, or saying negative things, like the government is forcing people to take the vaccines, which to you all are bad, I feel that I just got whacked below the belt, and I just simply go berserk. You people rallied to try to open the government, but you just won’t do what they have asked of you, and what they feel are considered necessary to help and open the government. You all must understand that things do not work only one way, yours. It works both ways. If you want the government open, get vaccinated. Simple. And believe me, they are trying to open and make things the way they were before, or better.

Whether my opinion means anything or not, I’m sure to you negative people will be not, I feel that the actions of you all believing that the vaccines are bad and shouldn’t be taken, are indeed shameful, despicable, and a very stupid thing to say.

I sometimes wonder, no, really, more often, what kind of medications you people are taking, or what kinds of cigarettes you are/were smoking whenever you think that you are forced to take the vaccines, and that you believe or think that you are smarter than the CDC, doctors, and the scientists. Why not just follow the protocol and take the vaccination? It won’t harm you, and surely, it will make you feel better. Have you seen the news lately? The numbers rose. Those being affected were those who had not taken the vaccinations. Does this say or mean anything to you? Or are you just too stupid to accept and take the vaccinations?

No one is telling you that you MUST take the vaccination. I’m sure that what they were saying were simply suggestions to you all, the non-wanting-the vaccination people, and that your chances of getting the virus will be way less, than not, if you do. Maybe, nil. Those experts people who have been saying those things to try to persuade and have and to make senses for you to rethink and reconsider that the vaccinations are good, are, of course, and I’ll again repeat, are our government leaders, who took the recommendations from the scientists, doctors, CDC and every one else, who, I’m sure, are not dummies. They are people who have studied diseases, and they have the means to prove them. You are not one of them. You have the bull horn. That’s all.

Levanna Lomma and your three plus dozen people do not, and I repeat, do not need to take the vaccinations. Your choices. But stop making a production that the vaccinations are bad. Don’t take it. Be the ones getting caught with it, suffer, and probably die from it, if those are your choices.

You undoubtedly, in your bull-headed minds, will do whatever and however ways you feel, anyway, so what’s the fuss? And whatever anyone tells you what is the best for you all, will have no significance.

Let me just turn the situations around just a bit. You all said that the government, and those, as you said, are forcing you to take the vaccines, are infringing in your lifestyles. Hear me. By not taking the vaccines, you are in our lifestyles, too. You are doing more harms to us by not taking it, and you will certainly affect us somehow.

This is say to you all, stay home, be reclusive, don’t come out. Period!!

Demonstrate, hold the signs, and blame the government for all the wrongs you think they’ve done, but please, and I beg of you all, stay home, and don’t come out. You are going to kill us.


Ray Domingo is a resident of Lihu‘e
Source: The Garden Island

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