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VOICES: The truth must be told to Trump supporters

The lengths that Trump’s followers have been willing to go to for him is beyond imagination. All he had to do was lie and tell his followers that he would march with them to the Capitol and they believed every word and were willing to do (and actually did) unspeakable acts that resulted in the loss of life. The rioters created chaos and instability for our democracy. So many people believe Donald Trump. While he was running for president, he actually told us his secret that if you repeat a lie over and over and over again, people will believe it. That was one of the few truths that he told.

Joe Biden is a good man and he can help us to heal. But first, the Trump followers must be told the truth so that they can process the information and come back to reality.

The Republican leaders must come clean and tell the American people that Donald does not love them or think that they are very special. Donald only cares about Donald.

Donald has been lying to them the whole time. They must tell the Trump followers that Trump had the plan from way before the election to tell his followers over and over again that if he lost, the election must have been rigged. He knew that they would believe that. For the good of the democracy and our future generations, they must tell the Trump supporters the truth, that the election was fair and that the Republican attorneys general of several contested states investigated and found no widespread fraud. Trump lied.

This is one chance for the Republican Party to make amends and hope to be again respected someday. And each politician who speaks the truth will have something good to be remembered by when they are voted out of office.

And as disappointed as the Trump supporters will be to realize that they were duped, knowing the actual truth will help them to heal. And then perhaps our nation can heal, too, under the leadership of a new president who will be given a chance to succeed.


Elaine Murphy is a resident of Princeville.
Source: The Garden Island

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