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Westside school principal honored by mayor

LIHU‘E — Mayor Derek S.K. Kawakami proclaimed Friday as Principal Wendy Castillo Day because Sunday was the final day for Castillo in that role at Westside Christian Education St. Theresa School.

“I’m not retired,” Castillo said. “I just won’t be known as a principal. When I come back, I’ll be a teacher.”

The act drew hearty and enthusiastic response from the audience, who took refuge in the shade of the Liquor Commission conference room and waited for Castillo’s arrival to the Mo‘ikeha Building where she was supposed to meet Keith Perry of the mayor’s office for lunch.

St. Theresa School opened in 1946 with 138 “learners” in kindergarten to the third grade and a staff of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity from Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

During the school’s growth that included a period when Kawakami’s dad was a student at the school, Castillo has been an integral part. After excelling as a teacher, Castillo was promoted to principal in 2017.

The proclamation states that throughout her tenure, Wendy’s unwavering support and encouragement have empowered teachers and staff to reach their full potential. Her compassionate and inclusive approach has strengthened the bond between St. Theresa School and the westside community.

Castillo committed St. Theresa School to a core curriculum, emphasizing academic excellence and integrated advanced technology. As a principal, Castillo’s tenure was marked by improved academic outcomes and spiritual development in the school’s students.

The proclamation honors Castillo’s positive contributions to the lives of the students, staff and faculty of St. Theresa School and the entire westside community.
Source: The Garden Island

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