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Young Hye blows up; Sang-beom frames Se-hoon

Following are this week’s synopses of shows on KBFD TV, which televises Korean dramas with English subtitles:

Weekly Update

“Man Who Sets the Table”

Episodes 7 and 8 (Sun.)

Today, 6:40 p.m.: To stop Tae Yang from winning the competition, Sun Young locks him in a freezer. Ru Ri is put in a situation to develop a new menu all by herself.

Today, 7:45 p.m.: Ru Ri tells her father that she has no intention of marrying Mok Sin. But her father ignores Ru Ri’s or her mother’s plead. Young Hye blows up, releasing her pent up anger.

“Teacher Oh Soon-nam”

Special extended length

Episodes 127, 128 and 129 (Mon.) (Final)

Monday, 7:15 p.m.: Se-hee changes her mind. Se-hee apologizes to Soon-nam. Se-jong waits for Se-hee’s letters to no avail. Hwa-ran blurts out the truth. Soon-nam and Doo-mul’s wedding ceremony is interrupted by uninvited guest. Will they finally live happily ever after at Jukhyunjae?

“Murder at Haneuljae”

Special, 1-episode drama

Tuesday, 7:45 p.m.: As a war-torn country recovers, living itself is difficult task to overcome. An unlikely relationship develops between strangers as they try to overcome devastation left by the War together. All the while, a love develops between a younger man, a widowed older woman, and her daughter.

“Phoenix 2020”

Episodes 17 and 18 (Wed.); Episodes 19 and 20 (Thur.)

Wednesday, 7:45 p.m.: The miscarriage has driven Ji-eun over the edge and she wants nothing to do with Se-hoon. Meanwhile, Sang-beom frames Se-hoon for embezzlement to force him into annulling the marriage. Ji-eun prepares to leave to China on business to cope with the miscarriage as Se-hoon is in DA custody for investigation. Hyun-min approaches Se-hoon with a deal to annul the marriage in exchange for freedom.

Thursday, 7:45 p.m.: Sang-beom is determined to keep Se-hoon in custody for embezzlement but when Ji-eun finds out about it, she runs out to meet him. 10 years have passed and, after becoming a successful businessman, Se-hoon returns to Korea with Mi-ran at the same time Jung-min does. Meanwhile, Ji-eun works as a helper after her dad passed away and the company went bankrupt.


Episodes 3 (Fri.); Episodes 4 (Sat.)

Friday, 7:45 p.m.: Soo-bong starts to believe Yeon-joo’s story and tells her there must be a trigger in getting back into the webtoon world. At that very moment, Yeon-joo gets pulled into the webtoon world where Kang Chul takes her back to his penthouse and drills her with questions only to be let down with her answers.

Saturday, 7:45 p.m.: Kang Chul tells Hyun-seok Yeon-joo is the only person who can unlock secrets to his life. Yeon-joo ends up in police detention center because of So-hee. Kang Chul plods Yeon-joo to answer his question if she wants to go back.


Jeff Chung is general manager of KBFD TV, which televises Korean dramas with English subtitles. Chung can be reached at 521-8066 or
Source: The Garden Island

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