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Blessed Hands IV Hydration and Wellness open in Harbor Mall

A medical provider and business owner of an IV (intravenous) therapy clinic is having a grand opening at Harbor Mall, free to the public, Saturday, Jan. 23, from noon to 4 p.m.

Blessed Hands IV Hydration and Wellness owner Lucky Keonavong-Robinson said her mission is “To always have a listening ear, open heart and loving hands to help people heal.

“My ultimate goal is to provide the best health care to everyone so they can live the best life possible in paradise,” Keonavong-Robinson said.

Keonavong-Robinson is a licensed adult to geriatric primary care nurse practitioner in over 32 states throughout the mainland through telemedicine who evaluates and treats patients in these states via virtual calls. She brings over 15 years of work experience in the neuroscience ICU and primary care to Kaua‘i.

“Backstory to the clinic is the fact that I am God-driven to serve others,” Keonavong-Robinson said. “I have a mobile clinic on the mainland and I was able to help many people from non-insured to low income to patients that have had insurance and could no longer afford due to costs. My passion is always to serve others, and this was ingrained in me from my childhood from immigrant veteran father who migrated from Laos/Thailand during the Vietnam War.”

Her work will go beyond IV treatments, according to Keonavong-Robinson. If residents don’t have medical insurance, for just $25 she will offer her services like any internal-medicine doctor would and refer them to the right doctors after visiting her. And because she has licensed to serve over 32 states, Keonavong-Robinson said she can virtually service families on the mainland, even kids in college.

Keonavong-Robinson said she was inspired to open this one-of-a-kind clinic on Kaua‘i because she knew that health care is very minimal here on the island.

“It’s so important to maintain their health while still living in paradise,” Keonavong-Robinson said. “I want to be able to offer these services to help those who really need it even though sometimes health care is not affordable. I can say I am more affordable compared to places even on the mainland.”

On the mainland, athletes, celebrities and people with low energy would find one of these clinics in their neighborhood and hydrate as a part of their weekly or monthly self-care routine. However, Keonavong-Robinson said her clinic would be a little different.

Not your average IV clinic

“I would say to an extent it is — but definitely lower in price and with genuine compassionate care and the best interest of the patients,” Keonavong-Robinson said. “It has a comfortable setting with painless IV insertion. Blessed Hands clinic offers a lot more than the average IV clinic.”

“This clinic will benefit the community because it offers people knowledge and education about how to better their health naturally through necessary supplements, IV hydration and general medical care,” Keonavong-Robinson said. “Eventually, once we figure out a schedule and the flow of residents and visitors coming into the clinic, we want to offer free health checkups at least once a month to educate the residents on their health and ways to improve it.”

With her husband TJ Robinson, an expert in computer software and graphics, Blessed Hands IV Hydration and Wellness is family owned and operated. Together, they follow all CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines by maintaining 6 feet of social distancing, wearing masks, and having hands sanitized at all times.

“That is what we will abide by during the time at the clinic,” Keonavong-Robinson said. “This is also why we are doing an appointment only so there is only a set amount of patients in the clinic at a time. We only allow five patients at a time in the IV hydration lounge and two patients minimal in the injection/appointment room. We only have a specific amount of people that are allowed in the clinic at one time due to the CDC guidelines and the safety of our residents and visitors.”

“I will be doing whatever is necessary to help my wife provide for the community,” Robinson said. “Happy wife, happy life.”

Treatments that
are right for you

Robinson said he gets his B12 IV injection done at least once a month to help boost his energy, which helps him get up early without having to drink coffee.

“The cost ranges from $25 for specific injections up to $450 for the most-comprehensive IV hydration combinations,” Keonavong-Robinson said

“Medical insurance currently is not available for coverage of these services at this time, but is accepted for general checkups, chronic conditions, blood work at the local lab, imaging at nearby facilities, and medical management. The cost of office visits is $50 without any insurance.”

The IV menu includes injection IVs called: Simply Saline, The Energizer, The Hangover, Immune Booster, Anti-Oxidize, All in One, Myer’s Cocktail, NAD + BOOST and others, with vitamins B12 and C, etc.

Keonavong-Robinson is all about ensuring that patients are safe in ordering the best product for them.

“They will have to fill out a consent form that asks for their overall medical history that includes: allergies, medical diagnoses, medications they are taking and the reason they are seeking IV hydration and or injections,” Keonavong-Robinson said. “This is then taken into consideration into the best type of IV hydration that would be beneficial. All patients’ vitals are taken prior to the start of IV fluids and or injection.

“During this time I will be assessing patients to ensure that they are receiving the proper treatment and answering any questions/concerns they may have. This is a no-pressure assessment only to ensure they are receiving the most honest upfront treatment,” said Keonavong-Robinson.

Keonavong-Robinson said she walks in faith and she will be spot-checking her patients throughout the process making sure they get the best care and medical attention.

“These treatments can take 45mins up to 2 hours depending on the treatment option that is best (dependent on their health history),” Keonavong-Robinson said. “They will always have me with them until completion of the IV.

According to Keonavong-Robinson, these supplements are amino acids that we naturally produce but at times as our body changes, due to stress, age, and overall lifestyle habits.

“These important nutrients are depleted and need to be replenished and that’s where IV hydration and or supplement injection comes into the picture,” Keonavong-Robinson said.

Keonavong-Robinson said at the grand opening, there a blessing ceremony, prizes every ten minutes, a clinic walkthrough, and complimentary food.

For more info go to: www.Blessedhands and or call 808-755-5056.
Source: The Garden Island

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