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Fit Lab gatherings offer health, business workshops

Sara Folsom at Fit Lab in Princeville wants everyone to learn how to thrive instead of just survive, and she’s compiling a team of people to do it.

The Kauai fitness studio is already a wellness center on the North Shore, offering a variety of classes like barre, cycling, circuit training, and yoga.

It’s a creative combination of classes and the customers are just as varied.

“The clientele is eclectic, in every class we have 16 year-olds and 60 year-olds,” Folsom said Tuesday as she was getting ready for Fit Lab’s newest event: Lab Gatherings that will be held monthly at the studio.

Lab Gatherings will be loosely formatted events where people can come and learn about ways to live a healthier, more successful, more inspired life.

Folsom and her team are calling the series “5 Ways to Thrive”. The first workshop is set for Sunday, July 7 at 6:30 p.m.

“I wanted to be able to have a place that’s not only for fitness, but for lifestyle,” Folsom said. “A place where people from the community can come and enhance their wellbeing and learn.”

Throughout the summer “5 Ways to Thrive” sessions are planned monthly and those sessions will involve everything from live musicians airing out their new set list to entrepreneurs sharing what they’ve been learning as business owners.

Sometimes Lab Gatherings will focus on nutrition. Sometimes it will be a talk on marketing techniques. Sometimes Lab Gatherings will be a dance party.

“When there aren’t any classes and clients, this space is just sitting here and I want to see this place utilized,” Folsom said.

The idea sprang from an old practice for Folsom; she and some friends used to have “Master Mind” meetings on a weekly basis to keep each other inspired and working toward their goals.

That’s where Folsom learned how to get a general excise tax license and other elements to being a professional in the world of fitness.

“These five tips will help you level up and go through life thriving instead of going through life surviving,” Folsom said. “There’s a huge burst of entrepreneurs on Kauai right now and I want a place to get together rand empower each other.”

It’s also a place to meet people, make friends and socialize without alcohol being front and center. Some workshops might include some booze, though, like the wine and yoga workshop that’s in the works currently.

“On Kauai, everyone says there’s nothing to do at night. If you don’t go to the bar, it’s hard to meet people on Kauai,” Folsom said. “You don’t have to be into fitness to learn about the five ways to thrive, it’s a motivational workshop.”

The cost is $25 for nonmembers and free to members to join the workshops.


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Source: The Garden Island

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