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Kilauea Studio hosts holiday dance extravaganza

KILAUEA — Winter break kicked off with an evening of dancing and joy as keiki, costumes, music, and light filled the festive halls of the Kaua’i Christian Academy for “A Holiday Event to Remember” this past Friday night, hosted by Kilauea Dance and Fitness Studio.

“This was one of my favorite and most beautiful ways to celebrate the holiday season,” said Madelynn Forgey, a community member who attended the holiday dance event with her friends. “Talented dancers of all ages performing ballet, modern, Tahitian and Latin – excellent job Kilauea Dance and Fitness. It was fun to see young kids and adults dancing so well and having so much fun.”

The show featured nearly a dozen dances from a variety of genres and included performances by groups, individuals and children of all ages and levels.

The venue was packed with approximately 100 people revelling in delight at the sight of toddlers in tutus, rhythmic gymnasts bending over backwards, candy-caned striped kids doing jazz, skilled soloists performing ballet and modern pieces, and several performances by professional level troupes representing a variety of cultures. The show concluded with a Nutcracker-inspired ballet performance that left snow all over the stage and smiles on the faces of all.

Owner and director of the studio, Andrea Gardener, said she felt the event helped achieve the mission of the studio, which is to build others up through movement. Gardener praised Kauai Christian Academy as a great venue with excellent space, lighting, facilities and people.

“This event brought so much joy to so many people,” Gardener said. “This is why we do what we do; nothing can compare to the joy one feels with music and dance, and especially watching all the cutie pies confidently perform.”

With multiple ages and levels sharing one stage, from beginners to professionals, the students and audience can see “a real picture to the path one can achieve with hard work and dedication,” Gardener said.

Kilauea Dance and Fitness Studio offers a variety of dance and fitness classes for children and adults, with a new session beginning Jan. 8, 2019. For information on classes and events, visit
Source: The Garden Island

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