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Letter for Friday, April 2, 2021

Dreading return of ‘Safe Travels’

I have noted several new cases of COVID in the numbers you post every day. However, there has been no mention of these cases or where they were acquired.

Despite the fact that vaccinations are being given at a good pace, there are still people here who either refuse to get vaccinated or are not yet eligible. These people are at risk, and knowing at least whether the cases are travel-related or community spread is important.

As the numbers creep up, I dread more and more Kaua‘i’s return to the “Safe Travels” program. Medical experts have repeatedly stated that this program is basically useless.

A traveler who gets a test 72 hours prior to departure can still be infected in those three days, through community spread, in the airports or on the plane.

I applaud Mayor Kawakami’s gesture, which provides gift cards to those travelers who choose to take a test after arrival here. And I read the letter to the editor meant to assure us that there is sufficient medical care available should there be an outbreak. I remain neither assured nor comforted.

YES — I do understand the economics. I do understand that people need to get back to work.

Perhaps I am just a frightened (and vaccinated) old lady — but I know I am not alone in my concerns.

Donna Carsten, Kapa‘a
Source: The Garden Island

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