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Letter for Friday, August 9, 2019

Cases should not be delayed so often

I just read the article entitled: “Long-delayed cases dismissed” in the Aug. 4, 2019 online TGI. In the article, the gist is this: “Since July 1, Fifth Circuit Court judges have thrown out a dozen charges — half of them felonies — due to delays caused by police failing to serve warrants for months on end or by county prosecutors neglecting to bring cases to trial within the legally allotted amount of time.”

The law is clear. Judges must dismiss these cases if not pursued in certain time frames. There really are no excuses for this lack of effort to bring these criminals to justice in a timely manner.

If this were the private sector, these cops and prosecutors would be out the door on their collective behinds.

As taxpayers, we should hold our employees accountable for unacceptable job performances and demand better. Kudos to TGI for printing the story. Now we have some bad actors back in the community, laughing at having not being held accountable for their felony behavior. Do a better job!

James Silva, Kalaheo
Source: The Garden Island

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