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Letter for Friday, December 8, 2023

Princeville siren

Recently, as I participated in Kaua‘i’s monthly siren test from my home in Princeville, it was very obvious that we have no sirens in Princeville — even though there are 11 sirens on Kaua‘i’s North Shore.

I participated in the Princeville test reporting on the amateur radio network. The horrible Lahaina fire disaster clearly points out that in such major emergencies all possible warning systems must be used. These include radio broadcasts, cellphone alerts and sirens.

We could barely hear the Anini North siren if we listened closely, however, my experience has shown that many in Princeville cannot hear any sirens.

This is very scary as a wildfire or other disasters could happen in Princeville and most people would have no warning.

I have campaigned for a Princeville siren for years with no results. I have even written to the governor. At one point I was told they were looking for a site to condemn for the siren.

This is ludicrous as there are a lot of excellent sites on public property, including the fire and police station, the library and the community park. I have knowledge of the siting requirements as my work with FAA as an engineer included siting similar facilities and any of these sites would be excellent. I understand that others in Princeville have also campaigned for a siren with no luck.

Compared to Lahaina, Princeville and the North Shore face even a scarier situation as they had two escape routes whereas we only have one — Kuhio Highway.

John Gordon, Princeville
Source: The Garden Island

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