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Letter for Friday, February 17, 2023

Electric bikes are a concern

I have noticed a lot of parents bought small electric bicycles for their children this year for Christmas.

How fun to see the children out and about, but after watching one young lady take a serious fall going way too fast for her skill level — I am concerned.

I also witnessed four kids moving along at a fast clip downhill pulling a little wagon. I would like to suggest that parents consider their children are not riding bikes now. They are operating a motor vehicle on streets with cars and trucks.

And for those of us that drive cars and trucks, there are untrained kids flying down the roads with little understanding of traffic and speed. Please let’s not wait till someone gets killed before we address this. I’m not suggesting we ruin the fun with new laws but parents you better lay down the law! Restrict your children to areas and speeds appropriate for their age now!

It would be great if the manufacturers had speed governors to help parents adjust for age and ability.

Dennis Bosworth, Kekaha
Source: The Garden Island

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