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Letter for Friday, January 24, 2020

Princeville fountain a waste of money

Regarding the story “‘Friends’ fight for Neptune, Group rallies to protect Princeville fountain” (TGI Sunday, Jan. 19):

The community which is forced to maintain this exorbitant annual cost should be able to vote on the option to repair and keep maintaining it or install a more sustainable, economically feasible entrance feature that better represents Kauai’s past, present and future.

Art is always objective.

Some have become used to seeing the fountain and value its presence.

Personally, I think the fountain is in a word, “gauche.” Perhaps better suited in Miami or the Bahamas? Visitors stop and take pictures of the fountain because its there. It represents no part of Kauai or Hawaiian history or culture, and I feel it has always cast a divisive message to those who enter Princeville at Hanalei.

Princeville is and may always be a resort destination, but as a North Shore resident for over 20 years, Princeville for the past 10, I have never understood the homage or any connection to the Roman religious god, Neptune. I can appreciate the great effort it took to create and install the fountain, but can easily think of numerous ways to allocate $275,000 year after year to create a more tangible and positive benefit to the community’s residents and visitors.

Simon Beatty, Hanalei
Source: The Garden Island

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