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Letter for Friday, July 23, 2021

Questions data on visitor vehicles

My wife and I have enjoyed visiting Kaua‘i for over 25 years. Prior to the pandemic, we visited three times a year for 11 or 12 weeks total. I read the paper every day and have recently seen a few opinion pieces about the amount of visitor traffic and how it impacts the island.

I must question where they attain their data. We can drive from Lihu‘e to PMRF and I can make my wife crazy as I sort the oncoming cars into visitor or local.

Most days, local is an overwhelming number in comparison to visitor. I believe most adults can make a quick judgement if a vehicle has the possibility of being a rental. Pickups and beaters are not rentals, neither are Hondas and Mercedes. Jeeps on the other hand, are most likely the culprits.

Charles Twardzicki, Olympia, Washington
Source: The Garden Island

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