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Letter for Friday, March 12, 2021

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, dangerous, potentially fatal

Usually I dismiss letters from Kimo as Fox regurgitations, but he might have something with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

I was half-listening to a sleep-apnea convention, I thought, which weirdly featured a gold idol dressed in flag-desecrating clothing. The speaker — who resembled the statue except obese with a Marge Simpson comb-over — I remembered from his shilling pillows and refried beans from the Oval Office, and seeking personal favors in exchange for military aid.

The orator declared himself the winner not only of the 2020 election but the 2024 one as well. He touted that all the candidates he had favored had won; my sleepy head said, “Georgia’s always on my mind.” The Democrats, he suggested, were afraid of his winning in 2024; remembering the Capitol insurrection, which even his party’s Senate Majority Leader rightly blamed on him, I am more afraid of his running and losing again.

He said we “all saw” massive fraud, a remarkable claim since no precinct had more votes cast than registered voters, or even vote totals or outcomes strikingly different than polls had predicted; taken together, a factual refutation of any claim that millions of votes were fabricated or switched. The speaker then changed course and shamed his own party’s Supreme Court for failing to invalidate an election in which, as his new tact admitted, registered voters cast ballots exactly as allowed by their states, with 7 million more preferring Biden. COVID-motivated, voting-procedure changes were dismissed as a fraud and hoax.

The speaker, who wasn’t Fauci or the CEO of Moderna, next took personal credit for the U.S.’s being far ahead of the world in creating and distributing vaccines, although actually several other countries beat us to the needle, and Israel, for example, has vaccinated 90% of its population to our 16%. No boast about leading the world in cases and deaths, nor any sympathy for the half-million U.S. victims.

After castigating Democrats, the Supreme Court again, Biden (falsely stating he had removed the Iran sanctions), calling COVID-19 the “China Virus,” then for several minutes labeling people seeking asylum as criminals and gang members, he denigrated transgenders, named about a dozen rhinos upon whom the audience should seek revenge, and concluded that the Republan (he omits “ic” from “Democratic”) was the “party of love.”

Ofttimes saying the Democrats were socialist, and that would inevitably lead to communism, the speciousator noted that farmers loved him (a result of some $28 billion in aid to offset the effects of his tariffs). Neither that nor his COVID program or the first stimulus package was seen as socialistic, although aid to cities was specifically cited.

National greatness, he suggested, was achieved by minimizing our country’s contribution to world health, and never relinquishing our position as the worst contributor to global warming.

He lauded the Second Amendment, and then ridiculed the First, insulting the reporters at the conference.

My poor head reeled from the contradictions.

Yes! Trump Derangement Syndrome is actual and potentially fatal. I was watching a super spreader event of that disease.

Jed Somit, Kapa‘a
Source: The Garden Island

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