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Letter for Friday, September 18, 2020

Arsonists should be exposed

I am visiting the dry side of Washington state for a family wedding last weekend. The small wedding was outside because of COVID, so we had to breathe high levels of smoke.

The people who live here know these fires were started by a group of arsonists. Fires do not start themselves. Normally, most are started by lightning strikes, which occur during thunderstorms in random places, usually remote places in the mountains.

These fires were almost all started in the same day, when there were no thunderstorms. The locations of the fires were in small towns and along roads. If these were accidental fires caused by humans (e.g. cigarettes or campfires), they would have occurred at random intervals throughout the hot summer. Since they were all started at once, firefighting resources have been stretched thin. The fires were started during high winds, which made them very difficult to control.

Arson does happen, but I have never heard of more than one arsonist active at a time. In this case, four arsonists have already been arrested and law enforcement is on the trail to arrest more of them.

Antifa, BLM, and other radical left-wing groups have been setting fires in West-Coast cities all summer. They are the obvious suspects to also burn the rural areas.

August was much hotter here, but there were hardly any fires then. The arsonists probably waited until we are closer to the election.

Left-wing Governor Inslee has already tried to score political points off this tragedy by calling these “climate fires.” The left-wing media is providing cover by declaring, in their omniscience, that any suggestion that this team of arsonists is related to Antifa is absolutely false.

The media should expose what happened here. Otherwise, it will continue. The West Coast will be in flames every time we approach another election.

Mark Beeksma, Koloa
Source: The Garden Island

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