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Letter for Monday, May 2, 2022

We were promised a better way

I would like to add my voice and show support for the letter written to The Garden Island Letters section on Sunday, April 24, titled “Limit number of visitors.”

I feel betrayed by the Mayor’s Office, Visitors Bureau and any other groups that have a stake in what happens on this island. We were led to believe there would be changes, and that life would not go back to pre-COVID days. All you have to do is take a drive and you can see that not only has there been no positive change, it appears to be worse — AND on all major roads.

Have you been to Po‘ipu Beach Park lately? It looks like a mini-Waikiki. I continually see new housing with no end in sight. I read in The Garden Island about protests happening in the Po‘ipu/Koloa area to stop housing developments. Have you been to Hanalei lately? You sure don’t see local resident families walking around.

Try to find a place to park in Hanapepe and, yes, even in Waimea there is heavy traffic. Is this what we want for our present quality of life and future generations? As an island, it is time to work as a group and let our voices be heard. We were promised a better way, and it has not happened. Our island is sacred and special, and we as stewards of this land need to be doing a lot better job. The over development and over tourism needs to stop now!

Mary Rich, Lihu‘e
Source: The Garden Island

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