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Letter for Saturday, December 16, 2023

Misguided support

We are 52 residents deeply concerned about Gary Hooser’s dangerous and misguided support of a resolution calling for an immediate and permanent cease-fire in Gaza in the State Central Committee (SCC) of the Democratic Party of Hawai’i (DPH).

We share the anguish over loss of innocent life in war. However, the SCC’s aspiration for a “permanent and lasting peace” between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas represents a radical misunderstanding of the conflict.

The resolution equates Israel and Hamas as equal players, which is misinformed, misleading, and dangerous. Israel is a democratic country, a strategic ally, and a key regional partner in the Middle East. Hamas is a Jihadist terrorist group akin to ISIS.

A cease-fire existed between Hamas and Israel before Oct. 7. On Oct. 7, approximately 3,000 Hamas terrorists violated the cease-fire and invaded Israel, committing brutal atrocities against more than 1,200 civilians and kidnapping more than 200 hostages.

Since Oct. 7, Hamas has launched rockets into Israel continuously. Hamas refuses to release all remaining hostages, including women and girls who have been subject to sexual assault and mutilation by Hamas militants.

Hamas has announced their commitment to repeating the Oct. 7 attacks against Israeli civilians until Israel is annihilated.

As much as we all want peace, a “peaceful resolution” is not possible with a terror group intent on destroying Israel and murdering Israeli civilians.

The SCC’s ceasefire resolution fails to recognize that Hamas is solely responsible for this conflict.

The SCC’s pressure should be on Hamas to do the following: 1) Surrender; 2) Release all hostages; 3) Stop firing rockets at Israel.

Call each member of our Congressional Delegation and ask them not to support the irresponsible and dangerous Democratic Party of Hawai‘i and Cori Bush Resolutions calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza:

Senator Brian Schatz 808-523-2061.

Senator Mazie Hirono 808-522-8970.

Representative Ed Case 808-650-6688.

Representative Jill Tokuda 808-746-6220.

You can even call after-hours and leave a message for them to hear.

Concerned residents, Kaua‘i
Source: The Garden Island

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