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Letter for Saturday, October 7, 2023

Traffic woes

I got home from Juneau, Alaska, a couple of weeks ago. My brothers, sister and I had a family business to attend to.

We granted my father’s wish to have some of his ashes spread near Shutter Island in Alaska where he fished.

My point is that driving in Juneau was so easy. Juneau has one highway (Gracier Highway) and Egan Drive that runs parallel with the highway.

And roads that run vertically between the highway and the drive.

With that said, there were alternate routes to take if there was a traffic mishap or accident or jam.

Hawai‘i DOT should look into the example mentioned prior and build an extra drive or road that would run parallel to both Kaumuali‘i and Kuhio highways to ease traffic through the Kapa‘a crawl on the eastside and Kaumuali‘i crawl from Lihu‘e to the Tree Tunnel on the westside.

Let’s find a solution before we really end up driving around Kaua‘i bumper to bumper to a stand still.

Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele
Source: The Garden Island

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