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Letter for Sunday, April 30, 2023

Pie in the sky

As a part-time resident of this paradise, every return reminds me of worsening traffic conditions. This time, here along with two guests, we headed to the North Shore and as usual we encountered the Kapa‘a pause.

An article on the internet claimed on any day there are 12,000 rental cars plying the Kaua‘i highways.

Complaining about this to my guests, Bretta came up with a brilliant idea. She explained that the state’s hesitation to act on this is probably due to costs and environmental concerns, but could be overcome by building a gondola-style system along the crowded corridors commencing from the airport.

The costs and ecological damage would be negligible compared to road grading, etc. And fees from visitors would more than likely pay it off with surpluses going to good causes. Instead of adding new lanes and disrupting the landscape, simple holes could physically provide support for the system. And think of the thrill riders would get seeing the beautiful island with a birds-eye view.

Am I dreaming? Of course because it makes too much sense. Mahalo.

Steven Saint-Martin, Princeville
Source: The Garden Island

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