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Letter for Sunday, August 6, 2023

Be informed

The “Sound of Freedom” movie, even if sensationalized, is a wake-up call. When drug smuggling and human trafficking makes headlines, we blame the evil cartels.

However, the United States’ demand for drugs and the sex trade is the problem. Supply and demand, fundamental economic principles, are why human trafficking continues. Plain and simple, we are major consumers of evil.

Corrupt morals and apathy are affecting thousands of lives. The movie industry capitalizes on depravity with explicit sexual content and immorality is celebrated. Social media and government agendas facilitate deviant behavior under the pretext of freedom and tolerance. The consequences are dire.

Pornography in the mainstream media whets an appetite for sexual stimulation. It can lead to increasingly more deviant perverse material. Resulting in the porn industry booming at the expense of extreme human suffering.

Pornographic material contributes to unspeakable human abuse. Easily accessible, it ruins individuals, families, and is a major reason for slavery. Sexually assaulted, young children are victims of this evil industry too.

To end slavery, the United States fought the Civil War and England appealed to parliament and public sentiment. Today, it will take the same determination and perseverance to stop human trafficking.

Reach out to lawmakers to be a voice for those who are enslaved.

Stop watching pornography! Stop viewing films with sexual content.

Be aware of those “grooming children” with things like drag queen entertainment at libraries and schools. Stop explicit age-inappropriate sex education. Be informed. Defend the powerless. Most importantly—pray!

Michele Lincoln, Lahaina
Source: The Garden Island

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