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Letter for Thursday, February 9, 2023

Use turn signals

Aloha to all drivers on Kaua‘i. This is just a little reminder and perhaps a learning lesson on roundabout rules and etiquette.

We all share the roads and roundabouts, and to make traffic run smoother, safer and less congested I would like to make a few pointers.

Most folks don’t signal when entering or circling a roundabout so the other drivers entering don’t know their intentions. That means if you’re entering the roundabout and there is already a car going around without a turn signal on, you must wait until they pass to know which direction they are going.

You have no way of knowing whether they intend to exit at the spot where you are, or if they will continue around to one of the other exits.

It’s very simple to signal and really keeps things moving, as well as common courtesy. If you wish to take the first exit, put on your right turn signal as soon as you enter and make your exit. If you intend to continue to one of the other exits past the first one, put on your left signal.

As soon as you are about to reach your intended exit, flip the turn signal from left to right, and off you go. This really works and will help everyone get where they are going safely.

Roundabouts tend to be a bit of a new thing, and most folks will be happy to practice these turn signals now that they know how to do it. Happy and safe motoring.


Richard Tatz, Koloa
Source: The Garden Island

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