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Letter for Thursday, March 11, 2021

Be smart, sensitive and positive

At approximately 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021, driving but concentrating on the road fronting the county building at Rice street, I believed there were some people without masks holding signs about the vaccines. I couldn’t make out what the signs said, but I may have read something like “don’t force people to take the vaccines, or don’t take the vaccines”, and whatever else the signs may have said, or something to that same effect. If the signs were what I believed they said, which I hoped I’m wrong, then, I ‘d like to say something about it.

First of all, why weren’t you people wearing masks? If you had no concerns for other people’s lives, though you may have the right to say whatever negatives you want to, under the First Amendment, you still needed to wear the masks. However, I firmly believed you still have that obligations. And another thing, no one forced anyone to take the vaccines. If you all didn’t want it, fine. People , I’m sure were old and smart enough to make their own decisions whether they want it or not, and they really didn’t need you, sign holders, to advertised, without any scientific proofs and merits that the vaccines were bad, and how I felt you were on how you felt about the vaccines. Scientists have said all along that it was/is best to take it. Again, where did you get your sources from that the vaccines are not good, and again, where and what proofs do you have to substantiate your claims?

By taking the vaccine, it could help the virus subside, and things may get better. We could open up lots of things that were shut down a year ago that altered and disrupted our ways of living.

Many people were, and still are hurting because of the virus. By listening and doing following the guidelines the scientists and those experts said, we could at least try to make headways for positive results. Perhaps not exactly the way they were before, but better than what it is today.

Why are you sign holders refusing to be vaccinated? Were there people holding guns behind your backs telling you must take the vaccines? And by the way, you are not one of those groups that our leader, who lost the election, and still cannot get the idea he is/was a one termer, but truthfully, incited and told the QAnons, the White Supremacies, the White Boys to take over the capitol building and the government and get and kill, Pelosi, the VP Pence, and other leaders, are you? If you are, get your heads examined. You no doubt, for the lack of a better word, just as stupid as they were. What kind of people are you? Did you see on TV the lies told at CPAC today? What a bunch of idiots

If you wanted to say something or anything by sign holding be and say thing positive. An old adage,” you’ll never attract bees with vinegar, but with sugar”. Vaccines are good, and with people taking them, there are signs we are going in the right directions.

I say this to you people who were holding the signs this pas Saturday, be real, be smart, be sensible, be positive, and above all, have concerns for other people. You do have the right to say what you want to, but whether you like it or not, to me, the vaccines are good, The Positives will always beat the Negatives.

Ray Domingo, Lihue
Source: The Garden Island

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