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Letter for Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Visitors want chances to give back

As visitors for many years, we treasure the time we’re able to spend on your beautiful island. It’s probably not surprising that our very early visits revolved around mai tais and beaches.

Now, the question we have when planning our visits is “how can we give back?”

It’s been difficult to find (maybe we didn’t look in the right place) a central location where visitors can find volunteer opportunities during the time of their visit.

There’s a website for taking shelter dogs on field trips, another website for the Lydgate beach cleanup, other sites for other activities, etc., etc., which are all great, but we’re unsure whether we’re finding all the possibilities and/or whether the sites are up to date. It would be helpful for visitors who want to contribute to your community to have a central location, maybe this paper, that lists up-to-date website links to various volunteer opportunities.

Just a thought.


John Low, Sammamish, Washington
Source: The Garden Island

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