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Letter for Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Here are some ‘what if’ situations

How consistent and impartial are your views on current politics? Compare your opinions to your reactions to these scenarios (some invented):

President Obama, in an August 2016 call quickly made confidential, told Vladimir Putin that the secret CIA file on Putin’s complicity in the Moscow apartment building bombings would be declassified unless Putin immediately broadcasted the Trump Moscow Hotel Pee Tape made notorious by the Steele Memorandum. (If it matters to your analysis, Putin said, “Nyet, I prefer Trump to Clinton.”)

Since the allegations about Hunter Biden are based only on pure speculation, hearsay and double hearsay, with no firsthand indication of corruption, shouldn’t the prime issue be the motives of the people who fabricated and pursued this ‘witch hunt’?

US taxpayers pay millions for overseas business trips by Trump’s kids to promote Trump branded products and services; those kids earned more than $50 million last year.

An audio tape, authenticated by experts, of a telephone call between Kavanaugh and Trump in the period between Trump’s saying Blasey Ford’s testimony was credible and his ridiculing her a few hours later, is published. In it Kavanaugh says, “I vilified Hillary for twenty years and that secured your election victory. Ford’s irrelevant. You owe me my Supreme Court seat.” Both Trump and Kavanaugh dismiss demands that Kavanaugh resign as “sour grapes.”

Joe Biden, winning in 2020 when a recount in Chicago showed him carrying the city, and therefore Illinois, with more than 100,000 more votes than the original tabulation, promises the poll workers pardons for any charges brought concerning the recount or subsequent investigation. Joe says, “Get over it; it’s just politics. A president may pardon whomever he wants.”

President Trump imposes a new round of tariffs on Chinese goods, exempting only apparel, footwear, and handbags. Democrats allege the exemptions were intended to exclude his and his daughter’s most profitable Chinese manufactured goods from the tariffs. The White House says the limited waiver is so the average American family won’t bear the onus of the tariffs.

Jed Somit, Kapaa
Source: The Garden Island

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