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Letter for Tuesday, February 11, 2020

You may be the answer to someone’s prayer

I have a neighbor who is a mentally disabled woman in her 50’s and she never has any food.

I have spoken with her social workers about this and her case supervisor requesting meals on wheels, groceries, anything, but nothing has been done. Her case supervisor did bring her a Costco chicken once in the past year. Her social workers opened her fridge and freezer to see it completely empty right in front of me 6 months ago, no food ever came.

I pray. I give her food. I ask her workers to bring her food, real, healthy, groceries, not the Cheetos, ice cream sandwiches and coke she will buy her diabetic self on the rare occasion she takes the bus to the store but still no groceries or meals ever arrive.

I watch her all alone every day and night for several days in a row, every week, never leaving her home and nobody coming by and I know she is hungry, so I bring her food.

As this situation weighs on my heart I ask you who lives in your neighborhood? Is there someone you know is hungry? Perhaps they are mentally disabled and rely on social workers to provide for them, or elderly, or poor. Have you observed neighbors who never have food, get groceries, meals or have anyone come by to see them, no family, friends, just waiting, maybe praying for something to eat?

Now I feed her 3 meals a day, for the past few weeks, while trusting Jesus to bring her the food and services she should be receiving. And I ask you to look around your neighborhood and into your heart to do whatever you can to feed someone who is hungry. We may not be able to fix everything, or even get our neighbor the services they deserve for basic needs, but one plate at a time we can show, love and compassion to our fellow humans and help to make our world a better place.

Carla Hart, Anahola
Source: The Garden Island

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