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Letter for Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Fair, open process

In response to Gary Hooser’s piece on a fair and open process.

We already had that, last November, and the people have spoken.

The votes garnered in the general election speak for themselves.

I did not vote for Ross Kagawa in November’s election. However, the most fair and logical next step would be to select the eighth most popular vote-getter to fill Mr. Evlin’s seat, and that would be Ross.

Fern had her chance at running; she did not get as many votes as Ross. Period. That was the people’s choice.

Why should she, or anyone else who had the opportunity to run and either chose not to or did not garner enough votes, get to bypass the fair and open process of election?

The job of the Kaua‘i County Council is to represent and enact the will of the people, and in this case, that has already been clearly laid out before them.

Loretta Mattos, Kekaha
Source: The Garden Island

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