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Letter for Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Turn the water back on, please

The county Planning Commission’s decision to shut down Kauai Springs and the source of the best drinking water in the world is a travesty beyond comprehension.

We on Kauai are blessed to live on an Island that has the wettest mountain on earth and are deprived from drinking Kauai Springs Water for reasons not explained. So much has been said and written about the importance of sustainability but now we are forced to buy drinking water that is shipped in from Oahu or elsewhere. How does the closure of Kauai Springs help in the case of a natural disaster like a hurricane when the barge may not come in?

After a long court battle, a hearings officer was appointed to this case and made a decision to allow Kauai Springs to operate. Then, the Planning Commission ignored the decision and issued a cease and desist order with no explanation for their decision.

Dr. Robert Long’s letter to the editor 5/21/19 states “Let us hope the commissioners will demonstrate their wisdom, humility, and courage by reversing this unfortunate decision, thereby truly serving the “public trust” and allowing Kauai Springs to reopen and continue to serve the people of Kauai.”

I’m told that the Kauai Springs attorney has filed an appeal. It’s taken eight years to finally get to a recommendation to keep the water flowing. Will it take another eight years of litigation to come to the same conclusion while the best drinking water goes down the drain along with tens of thousands of our tax dollars in attorneys fees? This is absurd.

Stop enforcing this terrible decision until common sense is restored.

Paul Lucas, Lawai
Source: The Garden Island

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