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Letter for Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Traffic light would enhance safety

State Hawaii Department of Transportation and Gov. David Ige, we on Kauai need a traffic light at Kaumuali‘i Highway and Maluhia Junction.

I was traveling east on Kaumuali‘i Highway in that area mentioned above. I was one car away when I noticed an almost head-on accident with a tourist (wanting to turn onto Maluhia Road) attempting to race a vehicle approaching eastbound only 15 to 20 yards away. The tourist had to swerve when he/she noticed the mistake he/she made.

Also with traffic lights there, it will help drivers to merge unto Kaumuali‘i Highway eastbound. With traffic lights there, it will slow impatient drivers who need to turn unto Maluhia Road.

I know this letter, if printed will have a lot of negative responses. I truly believe the biggest response will be, “It will slow traffic flow!” However, we live on a small island and there is nowhere to rush to. Just leave 5 to 15 minutes earlier to your destination and hope there are no traffic accidents ahead.

Howard Tolbe, Eleele
Source: The Garden Island

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