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Letter for Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Democratic party not what it used to be

Take a deep look into the mirror than an even deeper peek into your soul.

You may be astonished to realize you’re a conservative in liberal attire.

‘I believe’ most Hawaii Democrat’s do not know why they are Democrats and have little knowledge of what the Democratic doctrine represents.

Most Dems I speak with including some local politicians do not believe in abortion, have a regular house of worship and like their hunting. In fact, most overwhelmingly do not want to legalize recreational marijuana or have their gun rights threatened. These are just a few talking points that many “local Dems” seem confused over.

Supporting late-term abortion, denying our 2nd amendment rights, and supporting a pro-Palestinian agenda is the new norm for the Democratic party. The Democratic Party is not what it used to be.

I believe people vote blindly in Hawaii. Name recognition and the “good ole boy’s” network vs studying the issues is the main reason politicians get elected in the 50th state, and especially Kauai County.

Do your research, I think you’ll be surprised. You may have more Republican talking points in your repertoire than you reckon. That’s right, you may just be a Dem waiting to be born again into the conservative Republican world. After-all you may possess many Republican ideals you never even realized. Just don’t be a Dem because your parent’s voted that way or your friend is running on the Democratic ticket — think for yourself and study all the issues.

It’s never too late to change sides, should you choose — I did. This also goes for Republicans, Libertarian, Green party, Independents and all political parties — do your research, should you want to change, do it. Study the candidates and their platforms, don’t just vote thoughtlessly with your eyes closed.

The only Democrat currently running for president who acknowledges Trump won the election fair and square with no Russian collusion and that the N.Y. Times and CNN are fake news is Hawaii’s own Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard also called Hillary Clinton the “embodiment of corruption.” I think it’s time Tulsi change sides too!

Did you know out of 21 people recently running for president that Donald Trump was the only one against killing babies? To put it more simply, Trump is the only one, Democrat or Republican currently running for president in 2020 against late-term abortion.

To the politicians in those debates who fly private planes yet lecture us on climate change and the environment. To the folks who live in gated communities yet are against building walls. And to the politicians who travel with armed guards and bouncers yet lecture us about peace and guns. This bottomless hypocrisy is why America chooses Trump!

I used to think it was nerdy to be a conservative, now I realize it’s the only way to save what we know as the United States of America. I would rather be a nerdy “deplorable” than living in a bankrupt socialist nation living under Sharia law.

James “Kimo Rosen, Kapaa
Source: The Garden Island

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