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Letter for Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Bureaucracy creates waste

The proposed “green fee” bill, in the Feb. 2 edition, which would require visitors to purchase a $50 license in order to access state-owned attractions, such as parks and beaches, is another example of government’s insatiable demand for money,

Does anyone believe the fee will remain $50 and not be applied to residents in the future? Perhaps we should consider the terrible example of the transient accommodations tax (TAT).

It was a state tax with revenue to be shared among the state and the counties. Now the state takes all the revenue and some counties have enacted their own version of the TAT. More money for goverments to spend.

House Bill 442 would create a “visitor green fee special fund.” How many times have special funds been converted to the general fund when the Legislature wants the money? An example is the hurricane relief fund boondogle.

What will the anticipated $400 million be used for?

A new environmental legacy commission would put the funds toward environmental protection and restoration projects, 25-50 percent would go to nonprofit organizations and the remainder to the state and local governments. What a slush fund for anyone claiming to improve the environment!

According to the article, Clarissa Cabrera, project manager of Hawai’i Green Fee, stated “The way we see it is, it’s kind of the starting point for us to be able to implement solutions that scale for the state.” That must mean more tax money will be needed in the future.

I urge our Kaua‘i delegation to vote against this bureaucracy creating waste of money.

Harold Nelson, Kapa‘a
Source: The Garden Island

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