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Letter for Wednesday, January 22, 2020

They need to get it done

Lawmakers have quite a collection of remedies to help with the cost of living, but most of them will do nothing for senior citizens on fixed incomes or people without children. With one simple change in the General Excise Tax, the Legislature could help every person in Hawaii.

Simply change to law to stop charging tax on groceries. Everyone has to eat. And Young Brothers is seeking a rate hike, so there go current grocery prices. Every week items increase in price, while containers and contents get smaller.

Another factor affecting our outrageous cost of living is the infamous “Jones Act,” which no state or federal senator or representative has the will to take action to repeal this onerous law. Hawaii suffers the most from this legislation since every item shipped to Hawaii costs more because of this law, and everything we need and use must be shipped from somewhere else.

OK, legislators, let’s really do something to help the citizens of this state and forget all the proposals to raise fees and taxes that only make the cost of living higher.

Edie Moe, Koloa
Source: The Garden Island

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