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Letter for Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Rewrite the rules or follow them

Dear Mr. Mayor’

Your Eighth Supplementary Emergency Proclamation, dated 20 April, declares that “the Emergency Proclamation of March 4, 2020, and all Supplemental Emergency Proclamations, shall remain in full force and effect.”

One of these Supplementary Emergency Proclamations is Emergency Rule #19 Amendment #1, dated October 16, 2020. Section III of this rule states that if Kaua‘i’s “7-day average number of daily COVID-19 cases reported in the County of Kaua‘i reaches 5 or more for one week” then “travelers to the State entering into the County of Kaua‘i, without a valid exemption from the state, shall be required to enter into mandatory, 14-day self-quarantine.” Put another way, Kaua‘i would exit the Safe Travels program.

Based on most recent numbers published by the County of Kaua‘i for May 2, it is a mathematical certainty that we will trigger this threshold, and likely by a significant margin.

So, Mr. Mayor, what’s the plan? I’m sure all residents of Kaua‘i, external business stakeholders and travelers, no matter where they line up on this issue, would like to know. Having triggered this threshold rather quickly into Kaua‘i’s reentry into Safe Travels, are you going to rewrite your rule or follow it?

Mark Wigent, Kalaheo
Source: The Garden Island

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