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Letters for Friday, December 4, 2020

We can all win if considerations made

I have empathy for all trying to make the best judgments concerning COVID. I was surprised at the mayor’s request to essentially cut tourists out. I may have misunderstood, but what he said was that he wanted to keep Kaua‘i at tier 4, especially to support athletics. Perhaps as a former teacher his focus is on students. The issue is that there are many more target groups that need to be considered, also.

Several things:

• When you first plan a system, you reevaluate its success. Right now he is only supporting one group. What about the small businesses, including condo owners who are out in the cold because of financial implications? Perhaps he might redesign the tier system so that it still protects, but also is a little more realistic. It would be great if all the islands were to have a standardized tier system;

• Wearing of masks and keeping your virus circle small is important. Just because a person is part of your extended family does not mean they are negative for COVID. As part of growth and development, it is well known that many 20-somethings think they are invincible. Look at the age groups that are positive for COVID and you will see that there is proportionately a large 20-something group;

• Lt. Governor Josh Green has come up with a screening system that should put your mind at ease. Let it be implemented. It is sound medically and doable. Visitors are screened within 84 hours of arrival, and then rescreened at the airport. This would provide more in-depth screening and erase the need for the 14-day quarantine and only be a good thing for business.

Now just wear your mask. Thank you.

Carol Bagley, RN, Ph.D., Anchorage, Alaska, part-time resident of Kaua‘i

Just sharing my results

Reply to letter entitled “Vaccines are an evidence-based practice.” Thank you for your letter printed Monday, Nov. 30. I appreciate your feedback on my letter printed on Thanksgiving. You want science, well here we go:

• Regarding antimicrobial properties of copper, please go to Wikipedia: There are scientifically-established antimicrobial properties of copper. The CopperZap tool I have used worked on several colds which I managed to ward off at the very beginning of the infection. It did not work on another infection that lodged in my lungs. Information from the CopperZap company gives specific directions on how to use the tool as well as some specific warnings on overuse and misuse. I’m simply stating that it worked for me on several occasions. Whether people want to use it or not is up to them;

• Regarding therapeutic ozone: Go to Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, article entitled “Ozone Therapy: A Clinical Review.” The efficacy of ozone therapy is not firmly established, and there can be side effects. Ozone therapy has been shown to be effective on certain conditions. I found it to be effective on my lingering lung infections, but again I am not recommending it for everyone. Whether people want to follow up on this or not is up to them;

• Regarding efficacy of vaccines, please go to You Tube: Trump and Dr. Fauci Met with Robert Kennedy Jr. About Vaccines. In spite of the fact that links of chronic illnesses to vaccines have been officially refuted, there remain serious questions about vaccine safety. Again, the use of vaccines should be left up to individual choice, not mandated by public-health agencies, particularly not public-health agencies in bed with pharmaceutical companies;

• If you decide to make garlic nose drops, make sure to strain out bits of garlic, dilute drops, and store in the refrigerator. This is from the part about eliminating the small area of infection at the back of the throat where the nose meets the throat, from my previous letter. This is not science, just practical advice from me;

• An earlier letter to the editor from another writer stated that she has used steam treatments to ward off infections with great effectiveness. I don’t have particular experience with this, but it sounds like a good idea.

Molly Jones, Kealia
Source: The Garden Island

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