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Letters for Friday, January 29, 2021

Consider closing Anahola Road permanently

Recently the county or DHHL blocked through traffic on Anahola Road at the entrance to the beach park. I assume because the small bridge over the ditch is damaged and unsafe to cross. This has resulted in considerably less traffic. In the past it seems that Anahola Road was used as a through access with motor bikes, four wheelers and trucks racing down the road to the highway.

Many years ago Aliomanu and Kalihiwai roads had through access. After the bridges washed out they were never repaired. Those residents living on either side of the rivers have access to the highway.

I have discussed this with many but not all residents in the village, and the general consensus is most are happy with the road closed. I am requesting that the county or DHHL consider permanently blocking through access on Anahola Road and restore the peace, safety and ambiance to the village community. Everyone will still have assess to the beach from both sides.

Eric Dillingham, Anahola

Senate Bill 178 shows cluelessness

Just in case you haven’t heard…

I have to wonder, amidst all the election propaganda and vaccine hype, why The Garden Island hasn’t made mention of a single word in regards to SB178 heading to the state Legislature this coming Friday, Jan. 29. See

Requiring permits for all drivers on Kekaha and Polihale beaches for the next two years? Whichever anonymous party that coerced Kouchi into presenting this has no clue how Westside Kaua‘i operates, or how to treat our respectful residents and beach-goers, for that matter.

Norma Jean Baker, Kalaheo
Source: The Garden Island

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