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Letters for Friday, July 26, 2019

Let’s save the TMT

I wish to echo the sentiments expressed by Jim Jung and Dawn Fraser Kawahara in regard to the TMT project. What a loss it will be for the Big Island and the scientists and students if this project does not go forward. I understand that 80% of the Hawaiian people are in favor of the TMT and a poll conducted by the Star Advertiser in Honolulu revealed that the majority of citizens of Hawaii also support it.

It will be tragic if a vocal minority succeeds in ruining this opportunity for exploration of our solar system from the most ideal location on Earth. Perhaps all the TMT supporters should voice their opinion in the media.

Edie Moe, Koloa

Our house is burning

This is not the time to spend billions of dollars, endless construction hours or polluting carbon to peer into endless space!

Our house is burning! Mauna Kea is sacred! The Hawaiian Host Culture kupuna declare it is so. We must defer to their ancient wisdom, to everyone’s sanity, to the ‘aina and to the urgent task at hand to curb our collective carbon consumption!

That’s where the $1.4 billion would certainly be better spent!

Arius Hopman, Hanapepe
Source: The Garden Island

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