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Letters for Monday, April 25, 2022

Wants US intervention in Ukraine

Dear Ukraine;

It is sad that durning Russia’s illicit and unprovoked invasion of your sovereign nation, the USA is sadddled with an overly cautious president, just like the leaders of all the NATO nations.

Why do they still refuse to provide you with the fighter jets you so desperately need and have repeatedly asked for?

God save us all form such hesitation.

David Lester Hornberger, St. Petersburg, Florida

Parents, stand up

Parents, stand up for your kids.

Vote out anyone who supported, and continues to support, masking kids in school.

Unnecessary and destructive. Vote them out! This includes Lt. Gov. Josh Green and Mayor Derek Kawakami.

Stand vigilant for parents’ rights to have a deciding voice in school curriculum. Watch out for race theory and gender manipulation being taught to little kids. Vote out any school board members who support this nonsense. Parents have a right to control what their children are taught in school.

Stand firm for your kids! Don’t listen to anyone who says that what is taught in school is not the parents’ business. Ridiculous. Your kids should get a good education in the basics: reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, and so on. The rest is up to you to teach them, or not.

Molly Jones, Kealia
Source: The Garden Island

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