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Letters for Monday, August 29, 2022

Please Repair Olohena Road

I was heartened to see the massive funding going to improve Poipu roads. Please don’t forget the rest of the island, though.

With Kamalu Road out of service for at least a year, people in Kapa‘a rely more on upper Olohena Road than ever and it is in terrible, axel-splitting disrepair. Lower Olohena has been a hot mess for years and upper Olohena is worse than ever. Kapa‘a residents rely on this road, often so we don’t have to add to and suffer the traffic on the highway through town.

Can someone bump repairing all of Olohena Road up to the top of the list, please?

Jason Blake, Wailua

Mr. Parker the Pawn

I must commend you on your performance at last Tuesday’s Planning Commission Meeting. Your nerves were a bit obvious but who could blame you after having to get up after all that opposing testimony and be the voice for the investors who didn’t feel like chiming in via Zoom.

If I may just offer you a few suggestions?

First, I would avoid referring to the mostly native population of houseless on the lot as “vagrants”. What? You neva like the spray paint? Shame, I thought it was a nice touch to the dilapidation of it all.

I would also try to contain your excitement for finally securing those eviction notices that you will likely task more native persons with the duty of serving. I am so looking forward to a potential community meeting with the big bosses from Utah. Surely having them fly out and meet with the community members will change all our minds and we will completely forget about our very real and valid concerns.

Choosing to place a cultural center “in the back of the hotel” seems like the perfect location for it. Lastly, I assure you that we community members feel terribly about the money that the investors you represent have spent on this project thus far. We really want to make sure their investment is recouped tenfold so please, keep mentioning the money they’ve invested; it absolutely tugs at our heart strings.

Anna Meyers, Princeville
Source: The Garden Island

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