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Letters for Monday, March 23, 2020

Kekaha flooding again

Thank you to those that took action to alleviate flooding in west side of Kekaha during the late morning of March 17, 2020. Residents envisioned returns of the floods from 2004-2006. Calls were made to every government office and official people could contact, within three hours the flooding had crested and damage minimized.

Too bad we had to get to this point as it is known by all if the drainage ditches are not opened to ensure adequate flow of the water coming off the mountain does not buildup in the fields between the residents and the mountains. Damage to some property occurred and that is unfortunate, please in the future remember to take timely action and not have any property damage.

Bruce Newport-Kilauano, Kekaha

Doctor horrified by large gatherings

I am a visitor to Kaua‘i.

Since the 1980s I have spent from one to eight weeks here annually, and arrived this year in mid-February, before the heightened concerns with COVID-19.

As a physician, I am encouraged by the actions of Hawai‘i’s governor and Kaua‘i’s mayor.

I also applaud the actions of resorts, local markets, restaurants and small businesses in assuming the financial burden of protecting the public health.

However, I am shocked, saddened and frightened by the cavalier behavior of both visitors and islanders in disregarding social distancing. As two examples, from my second-story lanai I see grandparents interacting with youngsters and the ongoing beach gatherings of extended families.

I fear this is a recipe for a true disaster on an island with so much coming and going and with limited medical facilities.

I would love to see the island I consider a second home be a paradigm of of how to “flatten the curve” rather than become a repeat of the Italian experience.

Michael Hudson, MD, Bend, Oregon

The danger of curfew

We should question the authority of the mayor to place the entire Island population under house arrest; which is precisely what this 9 p.m. curfew is. First of all, what physical purpose does it serve, when we are free to move about by day—up to 8:59 p.m.? None.

More important is the infringement on our Constitutional liberties. Remember, The Constitution is the SUPREME Law of the Land, written by the People for the government to obey. Any regulations contrived by government that defies our Constitution are null and void from the start. So, the mayor, governor, president or any other elected (or unelected) government official has NO authority to impose a curfew on us.

Personally, I rarely go out after 9 p.m. Though I believe I will start making a point of it. Note, Mayor Caldwell has not imposed a curfew on Oahu residents; where this virus thing is most likely to spread. That’s because he knows there is no way he can enforce it. He’s scared. And justifiably so.

We are living in very dangerous times. Not because of this nightmare virus from China, but because governments across the nation are exploiting this “crises” to shred The Bill of Rights, which so many have bled and died for in wars to secure and defend it.

We should ask: “What happens next year, when flu season comes around/” This Wuhan virus may sicken us or kill us. Though after, in either case, we will be immune to it. Our children, on the other hand, will never be immune to the whims of a dictatorial government if we allow it to settle in. The choice is ours.

Richard Morse, Kilauea
Source: The Garden Island

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