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Letters for Monday, May 20, 2019

Awaken the path to peace within

How serendipitous when I saw the article in TGI, May 7, on the “Golden Rule”. I’d been talking the day before with fellow peace activists and they mentioned that the boat was sailing to the islands with a stop to Kauai in November of this year. And here was the announcement the following day.

This strong symbolic gesture springing up is hope manifest to rekindle a consciousness that once was loud and visible in America. With the Golden Rule it was to focus on nuclear Armageddon that spelled doom for humanity and the planet. Once again that is her mission. When the Golden Rule sails into Hawaiian harbors a long slumber will be broken, the peace path will be awakened.

Another symbolic peace gesture that can be rekindled is what is referred to as Mother’s Day. Originally begun in 1872 by Julia Ward Howe as “Mothers for Peace Day” was then commercialized by Congress in 1913. I personally look forward to celebrating “Mothers for Peace Day” in a period in this country when our military might impose itself in every corner of the world as a tool of provocation and threat.

We were warned, we did not heed and now our government usurps the military as guns for hire.

Mothers for Peace can join with the Golden Rule and grow from a small ember to a viable peace movement.

I hope to see you along the way.

Blu Dux, Kalaheo

Don’t speak bad of mayors

I am writing to you about the comments Linda Bothe made concerning two of our Kauai mayors. She doesn’t know them. I know them personally.

One day, a man was calling my name, “Mrs. Moura, Mrs. Moura.” I turned around to answer him. It Mayor Carvalho. I asked him, ‘How do you know me?” He said, “I went to high school with your two children, Rose and Charlie.”

I met his wife. I know him and his whole family personally.

Linda Bothe doesn’t know him. She called him, “inept.” She is putting down someone she does not know personally.

And the things she said against Derek Kawakami, our mayor. I know him personally. The day he was pounding mochi for the Japanese celebration at the Convention Hall, nobody was cheering him on. So, as I approached him, I was cheering him, saying, “Way-pah, go Derek. I like mochi. The day you run for mayor, I’m going vote for you. And the day you win, I’m going to give you pastele and gandule rice.” He gave me mochi. He did win. So, Linda, you say bad things against our two mayors.

Next mayor, read The Garden Island paper, and find out what Linda going write bad things about you.

I would love to meet you in person, so you can hear my Portuguese mouth tell you bad things about you!

All that I have written was written in Jesus blessings.

Genny Moura, Koloa
Source: The Garden Island

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