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Letters for Monday, May 6, 2019

Gather in respect to heal our world

Thank you, Susan Campbell, for your heartfelt Forum article on April 30, asking us to “reach inside and listen” in order to heal our broken world.

We have the unique opportunity each year on Kauai to meet members of our community who pray for our ohana and nation in a variety of ways, each reflecting her and his chosen religious or spiritual paths.

My husband and I have attended the National Day of Prayer in the Lihue Civic Center rotunda for many years and were there again this Thursday to show our respect for the many ways people express their spirituality in our free society.

This year especially, I will listen for and feel into the love that can heal our world.

Marian Head, Kapaa

Mayor is doing a fine job

That’s funny. I mean there were a lot of campaign signs up while the candidates were running for office. But I don’t remember seeing one for Linda Bothe. However, according to her recent letter (TGI, April 27), she feels that Mayor Kawakami is not doing a good job as our mayor.

Well, if you think you could do better, then I suggest you step up to the plate and run for mayor if you think it’s so easy and you have all these solutions to what you perceive to be problems here on Kauai.

The cane haul roads and pesticide stuff is old news already. We’ve been down that rabbit hole. Mayor Kawakami, don’t pay any attention to the peanut gallery. They’re absolutely insignificant at the least. You’re doing a great job as “our” mayor. We’re proud of you and your accomplishments, and look forward to what’s on the horizon.

Ka‘aona Kipuka, Lawai
Source: The Garden Island

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