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Letters for Monday, October 12, 2020

Masking pandemic mismanagement

Donald Trump has been working throughout his entire presidency to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, primarily because it was developed by Barack Obama. Trump’s Justice Department joined with Republican attorneys general to strike down the law in its entirety, including protection for pre-existing conditions.

Trump’s sham executive order mentioning pre-existing conditions — which would not actually provide any benefit — was put in place as a smoke screen to calm those who still believe his constant pathological lying.

Striking down the ACA would also eliminate the provision in the law that prevents insurance companies from returning to their previous practice of canceling coverage when illness strikes you or a loved one. None of that matters to Trump.

This is important because there are about 7.4 million Americans who now have COVID-19 as a brand-new, pre-existing condition. Trump, of course, is receiving the best possible care for his current disease, even though he contributes no federal taxes to pay for it. His multiple pre-existing conditions didn’t factor into the payment for his care, either, and there’s no limit on its cost. It’s helpful to remember that he has worked for years to be sure that you are unable to receive similar benefits.

Trump has converted the White House and its grounds into a federally-operated, COVID-19, super-spreader site. Packed mask-less indoor and outdoor gatherings were held, even as his obedient staff and guests fell ill to the disease. But nothing is more important than feeding Trump’s insatiable hunger for adoration — even if people are sickened or killed. His idiotic victory tour around Walter Reed Military Medical Center on Sunday again validated his sociopathy. Like Trump said today, “Americans should not be afraid of the virus.” That may be a surprise to the families and loved ones of the 208,000 Americans who have already died from the disease, but no matter. Trump knows better.

At the White House today, after Trump removed his mask, he appeared to be a fish out of water, gasping for breath. But even though he is highly contagious according to the experts, the White House staff will be sacrificed to create the illusion of Trump’s robust health. Nothing is more important than masking the president’s catastrophic pandemic mismanagement and his direct causation of American deaths. Trump has created a coast-to-coast dumpster fire of death and economic collapse. Why wouldn’t his fans celebrate that?

Kurt Last, Anahola

Questions if government got us into mess and must get us out

I’m responsible for my decisions and accept the consequences. We teach our children that responsibility and respect. It’s my endeavor to teach self-respect, respect for others, and responsibility to my future generations. My son “gets it.”

That’s the difference between my world view and that expressed by Gary Hooser in his Oct. 6 TGI missive. His progressive logic sounds very appealing to many citizens but is totally invalidated by the fallacy of one foundational assumption: “… the government responsible for leading us out of the mess they led us into.”

I’m not willing to allow any government to be responsible for me. Once I do that, I don’t have to be responsible for myself. I would have delegated that authority.

And that’s the behavior we’re seeing in recent headlines. Irresponsible citizens are blaming their condition on government responsibility. And governments are offering “sanctuary.” It’s become a closed loop.

Gary admits that government led us into this quagmire of laws, regulations, taxes and behavior. Progressive government cannot lead us out of this mess. Their logic is flawed at its foundation.

One real solution is term limits for all legislators. Annual financial disclosures and background checks are required of all appointed positions. Elected positions should be subject to similar disclosures, annually. There are a lot of crooks hidden in our “government.” We are all humans of varying levels of self-respecting responsibility.

It’s up to us, you and me. We must lead with our behavior, responsibly. That’s my choice and responsibility. We will make a difference in our grandchildren’s future, one way or another.

Mike Curtis, Koloa
Source: The Garden Island

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