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Letters for Monday, October 17, 2022

Rude, insulting people are everywhere

In response to TGI letter, “A promise to never return after incident on the beach,” letter-writer Roger Merrill, on Oct. 11, 2022. I’m sorry you and your company experienced such foul and rude remarks. Please know that not all of us are of that nature.

Some time ago I lived in Blackfoot, Idaho, and some local Idahoans took us (my ex-wife and I) to Idaho Falls. To make a long story short, a multicolor couple walked by us, and our host replied, “Isn’t that disgusting!” My ex and I felt the impact of insult, for we too were a multicolor couple.

With that said, you made your choice and promise never to return to a good place. Remember there are rude and insulting people wherever you go. Good luck and safe travel.

Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele

Clean up mess in Waimea

Kudos to the county for kicking the itinerant people out of Lucy Wright Park in Waimea. It’s never looked better. Or cleaner.

Unfortunately, some of those itinerant people are now firmly settled in Waimea’s pier park, which is rapidly becoming a garbage pit.

Imagine living each day (and night) with screaming obscenities coming from people. Imagine unleashed dogs barking at all hours. These itinerant people have taken over the park, including the picnic tables where they store their possessions. Litter everywhere. Imagine bull whips making loud “cracking sounds” to further disturb a person’s sanity.

How could any tourist enjoy their Hawaiian vacation after seeing these disgusting conditions? Who knows what stories they’ll tell when they get back home.

What about my rights as an adjoining landowner? All I want is peace and quiet. Consider this letter as a cry for help from me and all park visitors.

The time is far overdue to clean up this mess.

Raley Peterson, Waimea
Source: The Garden Island

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