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Letters for Monday, September 6, 2021

We’ll share island, not sell it

My uncle, Herbert Doi, once told us that “tourism will be a ‘cancer’ to Kaua‘i.”

God, may his soul rest in peace, he was right!

As we observe the erosion of Kaua‘i’s social, economical and natural environment, we cannot help but conclude that the “choices” to introduce and sustain the tourism industry as our prioritized economical dependency has been and will continue to be a detrimental decision.

We could have and should focus on our sustainability by incorporating various natural resources such as agriculture, farming, clean-energy production and aquaculture.

Currently, the “cancer” has metastasized to the point where Kauaians have to adapt to the continuous deterioration of our social, economical and natural resources.

The recent efforts to address the obvious problems will fall short of what could have been!

The “crystal ball” envisions a clarity that is inevitable, that the “choices” made will not produce a favorable outcome for future generations.

Life is about choices, and the values that were inherent in these decisions, made by politicians, investors, developers and contractors who neglected to look beyond their “bank accounts” will prove, eventually and if not obvious already, to be disastrous!

Kauaians are more than happy to share the island with the world. However, we never agreed to sell it!

Myles Y. Emura, Kekaha

Interior road a bad idea


“Smokey” Louis Gonsalves proposed a highway from the Tree Tunnel along the cane-haul road and the Powerline Road to Princeville, with roads to Lihu‘e and Kapa‘a, over 50 years ago. He would have lost $3 million then (1960s).

The population has quadrupled in our lifetime, 2 billion in 1960 to 8 billion today. Kaua‘i’s population in 1957 was about 20,000. Surf was good, mangoes were ono, people were friendly, we enjoyed the beauty, peace and aloha of Kaua‘i.

Mahalo for sharing.

Kawika, Kekaha

Waimea needs roundabout

At the intersection of Waimea Canyon Drive and Kaumuali‘i Highway on the west end of Waimea town is an accident waiting to happen. Tourists and locals alike are racing oncoming traffic in both (eastbound and westbound) directions to exit and enter Kaumuali‘i Highway. While driving/motorcycling in that area, I’ve seen many times near misses.

However, I know that the Waimea community doesn’t want traffic lights through the town. So “why not build a roundabout in that area (Waimea Canyon Drive and Kaumuali‘i Highway)?” It will keep traffic flowing in all directions there!

Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele
Source: The Garden Island

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