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Letters for Saturday, February 15, 2020

Thanks for the blue police lights

I’d like to thank Chief Raybuck for having officers turn on their blue lights while patrolling the island. The added visibility attests to their presence. It has a reassuring effect in terms of heightened security and a visual deterrence to criminals.

Mark Soppeland, Kilauea

Plant-based diet is way to go

A famous cardiologist recently said that there are two kinds of doctors: “vegans and those who haven’t looked at the data.”

I practiced medicine at Kaiser Permanente, which prides itself at striving for “evidence-based medicine.” More than a decade ago, Kaiser leadership started promoting a “plant-based diet” for our patients and our staff.

The science is in and has been in for decades. Eating animal flesh and cow’s milk products will clog your arteries and put you in a nursing home long before your time.

That’s why The Garden Island newspaper should get rid of the silly clap trap promoted by the Wednesday “Health Angel” column.

Our previous editor did a good job on the paper, don’t get me wrong. But now we have a new, more-educated editor, and it is time to move into the 21st century.

Our previous editor was a slim, athletic, marathon runner. He probably wasn’t old enough to hear about the Jim Fixx Syndrome. Jim Fixx wrote the 1977 book, “The Complete Book of Running.” Fixx said you could eat any diet you want as long as you exercise it off. RIP Jim. He died at age 52 while running. In 1977, the science wasn’t all in. Anyone who promotes a flesh/cow milk diet in 2020 is a quack.

Gordon LaBedz, MD, Kekaha

Hubris and democracy

Once again, our president is demonstrating his disdain for democratic principles, the separation of powers and honesty…..the trial of Roger Stone and his sentencing.

Trump is a proven liar, and surrounds himself with those who have like qualities. Since when is it acceptable to lie to Congress? Since when is it acceptable to tamper with a jury?

Apparently, our president thinks this kind of behavior is more than acceptable, and Roger Stone deserves but just a couple of hours of detention after his trial, writing on the blackboard, “I will not lie and tamper with a jury” 100 times.

This is more evidence as to why Trump is without morals and integrity, thus being completely unfit to serve as the leader of the free world. With so many legislators afraid to do combat or disagree with him, the only method for his removal is to vote him out of office. Come November, VOTE!

Michael Diamant, Koloa
Source: The Garden Island

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